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Strategy planning and employee engagemen

Strategy communication and employee engagement

Our view is that creating strategy is a social, engaging, collective process - and should be owned and shared openly throughout the organisation. So why is it that so many organisations create strategy in private, like some guilty secret, and are surprised when employees are either ignorant or fail to engage? We adopt a pragmatic approach, based on sound principles from academic research and business practice. Good strategy works for the business, it's not about theory.

Clients include: recruitment, science and research, animal health, and publishing.

Mini case study: Strategic review - veterinary practice.

An independent vet group invited Barker Dewson to help conduct a strategic review. Feedback was gathered from customers, clinical, and support staff, and an analysis suggested that there were half a dozen areas where the business could drive change – some immediate, others over the longer-term. The strategic review process enabled the management to reflect on the type of business they ran, how it worked best, and what they wanted for the future. 'It was good to raise our heads from the day to day problems in front of us, and think ‘what if’ and ‘why not’,' said a Regional Manager. The group committed to several major change projects to better support its vision, mission and newly-developed strategy for the future.

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