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Case studies

Coaching - small private business

The company was led by one person, supported by a small team of senior staff. Whilst the business had been moderately successful, the owner felt that time and management attention was taken up by ‘employee problems’. Barker Dewson conducted confidential interviews with all staff, and invited selected managers, including the owner, to complete a psychometric questionnaire. Results and feedback from the psychometrics helped to raise the self-awareness of the owner and help them work towards behavioural change. After 3 months, the survey was repeated and showed a change in perspective from both owner and staff. 'We moved ahead - without blame - and found a more transparent way of working and communicating'.

Strategy planning and employee engagemen
Strategic review - veterinary practice

An independent vet group invited Barker Dewson to help conduct a strategic review. Feedback was gathered from customers, clinical, and support staff, and an analysis suggested that there were half a dozen areas where the business could drive change – some immediate, others over the longer-term. The strategic review process enabled the management to reflect on the type of business they ran, how it worked best, and what they wanted for the future. 'It was good to raise our heads from the day to day problems in front of us, and think ‘what if’ and ‘why not’,' said a Regional Manager. The group committed to several major change projects to better support its vision, mission and newly-developed strategy for the future.

Development programme - global insurance

Forty managers from the UK arm of a global insurer were assessed by Barker Dewson to create personal development plans. All forty attended a range of development workshops and received additional coaching to help them improve as managers and leaders and develop a more consistent approach. The programme was so popular, it was extended to include the executive team and the next level of supervisors and team leaders. A similar approach was extended to those in EMEA roles and the investment division - a total of 100 managers over two years.

Career Planning.png
Assessment - global production company

Managers from across EMEA were assessed online and in face-to-face business simulations designed specifically to suit the environment of the business. Detailed feedback reports identified strengths and development areas for each manager, and encouraged their commitment to  a bespoke development plan. High performers were promoted into new, more challenging roles. Lower performers were offered support, and after 3 months were re-assessed, pending a new professional assignment or leaving the business. 'We should have done this process 10 years ago, but we had lacked the vision and the focus. It helped to change the way we viewed talent'.

Career planning - COVID-19 response

As part of the outplacement programme for a range of UK businesses, Barker Dewson created a career planning tool to support employees who were considering change - voluntarily or otherwise. The free resource was downloaded by hundreds of people and used as part of the outplacement support offered by companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The free career planning resource can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

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