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Barker Dewson is trained and accredited in coaching, and delivers training programmes to help managers at all levels coach and develop their teams. A background in psychometrics and the use of coaching models, such as GROW, has benefited over 60 businesses with over 10,000 hours of coaching practice. Since 2020, much of this coaching work has moved seamlessly online.

Clients include: pharmaceutical, publishing, marketing, fmcg, insurance, retail, media, business services and financial services.

Mini case study: problem solving.

A small biotech company invited Barker Dewson to coach senior and middle managers to develop approaches to problem solving and innovation. Using a combination of GROW and other coaching models, the coaches learned to adapt their own thinking styles and develop confidence in their preferred problem solving approaches. The company moved away from 'group think' and unlocked new ways of working, driving growth and winning awards for innovation.

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