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Performance management

At times, teams and individuals require greater support - which often starts with some diagnosis of the underlying issue and how best to address it. We adopt a pragmatic approach based on open dialogue and transparency from leaders and their teams. The solution must be one that the team were involved in creating, implementing and measuring - with positive (and sometimes negative) consequences.

Clients include: construction, IT services, publishing, and local government.

Mini case study: IT services

A small team had worked together for 15 years, and in some cases familiarity had bred a degree of contempt. Two new starters found it difficult to integrate into a 'toxic culture'. A series of workshops enabled the team to confront their own behaviour and agree on a new behavioural contract to support improved operational efficiency, and a more collegiate working environment. 'It wasn't easy. We had to lose one team member, but it did change us for the better'. 

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