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We use coaching and mentoring as a key part of the development process. Our background in psychometrics and the use of coaching models, such as GROW, has benefited over 60 businesses with over 10,000 hours of coaching practice. With COVID-19, much of this coaching work has moved seamlessly online.

Clients include: publishing, insurance, retail, media, business services and financial services.

Mini case study: global insurance company.

Forty managers from the UK arm of a global insurer were assessed by Barker Dewson to create personal development plans. All forty attended a range of development workshops and received additional coaching to help them improve as managers and leaders and develop a more consistent approach. The programme was so popular, it was extended to include the executive team and the next level of supervisors and team leaders. A similar approach was extended to those in EMEA roles and the investment division - a total of 100 managers over two years.

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