What we do

Barker Dewson is a leading management consultancy specialising in coaching, learning, performance management, assessment, talent management, development, strategy communication, and employee engagement.

With over 25 years of experience across all sectors, our team of qualified and experienced associates in the UK and mainland Europe deliver top-tier consultancy solutions.

Recognised as Chartered Management Consultants and members of esteemed organisations such as the Chartered Management Institute of Business Consulting, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and the British Psychological Society.

We pride ourselves on our agile and responsive approach, ensuring effective and impactful results for your business.


Barker Dewson, accredited in coaching with a psychometrics background, has over 10,000 hours of experience helping 60+ businesses. Since 2020, our coaching has seamlessly transitioned online.


Since 2007, Barker Dewson has provided thousands of hours of learning for managers, including standard qualification modules and tailored face-to-face and online sessions.

Performance management

We support teams with a pragmatic approach, diagnosing issues and fostering open dialogue. Solutions are team-created, implemented, and measured, acknowledging both outcomes.


Assessment principles remain the same online: identify what is assessed, use a competency framework, measure people effectively, and apply these consistently in recruitment, development, and performance management.


We provide coaching and mentoring using psychometrics and models like GROW, benefiting 60+ businesses with 10,000+ hours of practice. Our coaching framework has seamlessly moved online during and since COVID-19.

Talent Management

Our talent management ensures emerging talent adapts to new roles through assessment, training needs analysis, external coaching, and internal mentoring, preventing them from being unsupported or set up to fail.

Strategy Communication & Employee Engagement

Creating a strategy should be a collective, open process. Many organisations mistakenly create strategies in private, causing employee disengagement. We use a pragmatic approach grounded in research and business practice.